barber school


Our Barber Program is taught in conjunction with the Cosmetology Program, with an emphasis on Men’s Hair Design, Shaves, Mustaches and Beard Trims. Students will learn to:

  • Identify the types of hair used in the manufacturing of hairpieces
  • Become familiar with the different types of hairpiece bases that are available
  • Demonstrate how to measure a client for a hairpiece
  • Fit and cut hairpieces
  • Demonstrate the correct cleaning methods for hairpieces
  • Sell hairpieces in the Barber Shops
  • Discuss alternative hair replacement methods

mail shave and beard trim

In the Shaves, Mustache, and Beard Trim part of the course, students become familiar with how to:

  • Define the objective of shaving
  • Discuss the fundamentals of shaving
  • Demonstrate the ability to handle the razor in four standard cutting positions and strokes
  • Identify the 14 shaving areas of the face
  • Demonstrate a facial shave
  • Demonstrate a neck shave
  • Discuss safety and sanitation procedures and precautions.

In today’s world, whether for personal or business reasons, men have chosen to pay closer attention to how they look. Today, it is not surprising to find men exploring the possibilities of hair color and hairpieces. Men’s interest in looking their best provides an opportunity for you, a modern-day Barber, to tap into your creative abilities by being a part of our visually exciting, artistically based education. In addition, an important part of the Program is the section devoted to sanitation and sterilization, as well as Barbershop Fundamentals.

We welcome all students to our family with open arms.

Important information about educational debt earnings and completion rates of students who attended this program