5 Common Barber Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you fresh out of barber school and are looking to start putting your new skills into practice?

Before you begin, it’s good to know about the most common barber mistakes so that you’re able to avoid them. The good news is that they’re easy to correct so that you give your customer the best results possible every single time.

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1. Staying Quiet

Talking to customers isn’t always the easiest part of your job, but it’s an important skill to work on. Cutting hair in silence makes the experience awkward for your customer.

It’s all about finding the right balance. Listen to how much the customer interacts in return and use that as a basis for how often you start conversations.

Talking about general topics is always a good start, but don’t forget to give advice based on the condition and style of their hair. This way, your customer feels like they’re getting an extra service while you work on their hair.

2. Treating All Hair the Same

No two heads are ever the same and it’s a big mistake to treat them that way. There are many thicknesses and textures and you’ll want to be an expert in all of them.

If you have a customer with a type of hair with which you’re not familiar, it’s okay to ask a co-worker for advice before continuing. Customers are spending money to get the best result from you, so learning about the different details of hair textures is a vital step to success!

3. Using Thinning Shears Incorrectly

Despite their name, thinning shears are better used for creating interesting textures at the ends of your customer’s hair. You don’t want to use them for thinning out a person’s hair as this leads to damage and a look that no one wants.

Instead, use these shears to help diffuse a hairstyle so that it looks seamless.

4. Forgetting the Flat Brush

A fine-toothed comb is a barber’s best friend, but when it comes to getting a clean result, different barber products do a better job. In this case, a flat brush helps keep the ends from slipping away as you trim them.

Always keep one handy for those tricky cuts!

5. Trying to Rush

It’s easy to rush through a customer’s request so that you’re able to go on to the next one. The problem with this is that rushing through a haircut often leads to bad results.

You want your customer to walk away feeling confident, so spend a little extra time doing everything the right way. Practicing barber skills takes time and effort, so use every haircut as a way to get better.

Avoiding These Barber Mistakes Ensures a Happy Customer

The most important thing to keep in mind is that barber mistakes happen from time to time. You’ll want to take it as a learning experience and grow from it. The only way to improve is to get out there and cut a lot of hair.

Always do your best and you’ll make every single customer happy with the result!

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