The Must-Have Barber Tools Every Professional Needs in Their Kit

Are you thinking of becoming a barber? If so, the first thing you’ll need is a set of tools that will allow you to do your best work.

Ideally, your barber’s toolkit should be as versatile as possible. Some men enjoy having their hair carefully styled, and others only want basic cut maintenance. A good barber needs to be able to make both groups happy.

Need some help with investing in the right equipment? Here are some essential tools of a barber that will help you impress your clients!


Hair clippers are the most important tool in a barber’s arsenal. They contain razor-sharp blades that allow for precise fades and blending. They come in two key variants: corded (more power) and cordless (more versatility).

Regardless of their type, clippers can offer all sorts of accessories. For instance, some models come with a vacuum for catching loose hair. Clippers can also differ in motor power, cutting width, blade quality, and so on.

Shears and Trimmers

Barber’s sheers tend to come in two types. One is your classic, sharp pair of shears used with a comb to cut the hair at the right length. The other is a pair of thinning shears used to reduce the customer’s hair volume.

You also have trimmers, which are a natural companion to shears. They’re often used for hair styling services such as edging. Most good trimmers feature snap-on/off blades for a thorough cleaning.

Straight Razors

Straight razors are ideal for beard shaping and close shaves. A skilled barber can also use them to add more volume and texture to hair. Good models come with non-slip grip handles for added security.

A straight razor is still the tool most people associate with barbers. As such, it provides a nostalgic and authentic barbershop experience. Straight razors also tend to be among the least expensive barber’s tools.

Combs and Brushes

You’ll need a variety of barber’s combs and brushes for different hair textures. Combs with widely spaced teeth work better for thicker hair, and narrow teeth are more suited for fine hair.

Knowing when to apply which comb and brush is a key part of barber work. For instance, many barbers forget to apply the flat brush while trimming. Use different tools depending on the hairstyles you want to create.


Hygiene is another key aspect of barbering. After every customer, you’ll have to sanitize your tools, hands, and workstation. At the very least, you’ll need a clipper spray and an antibacterial surface spray.

If you’re opening a barbershop, you may also want to invest in a UV sterilizer. This neat tool relies on germicidal bulbs that keep your equipment sterile. If this is beyond your budget, consider a disinfectant jar instead.

Tools of a Barber Made Easy

The above tools of a barber are only the tip of the iceberg. You may also need capes, towels, dusters, mirrors, and a whole lot more. That said, if you’re just starting out, these five items should be your priority!

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